iPhone 15 eSIM: How to Transfer Your Phone Number to a New iPhone Apple

The feeling of switching to a new iPhone might be thrilling, but the idea of transfer your phone number and all of your contacts can be terrifying. Thankfully, Apple has simplified the process to make it move as quickly as possible. In this detailed instruction, we will lead you through all of the steps to transfer your phone number to a new iPhone, providing that everything goes smoothly. So let’s get start it.

Getting Started

How to Transfer Your Phone Number to a New iPhone Apple’s Way

Apple has made the process of moving your phone number to a new iPhone relatively simple. You’ll be running in no time if you follow these steps:

Back Up Your Old iPhone: Make a backup of your remaining iPhone before starting. You can do this using iCloud or iTunes while your device is connected to a computer. You will not lose any important data because of this process.

Power On Your New iPhone: Turn on your new iPhone and follow the initial setup prompts until you reach the “Apps & Data” screen.

Select “Restore from iCloud Backup”: You will be ask to check in with your Apple ID here. Select the backup you made in the previous step and then wait for magic to happen.

Verify Your Phone Number: Apple will send a verification code to your old device. Enter this code on your new iPhone to confirm the transfer.

Complete the Setup: Once the verification is complete, finish setting up your new iPhone. Your phone number, contacts, messages, and more will be transfer seamlessly.

What is an eSIM?

Modern smartphones, tablets, and other connected gadgets come with digital SIM cards called eSIMs, or they come with Customer Identity Systems. Contrary with standard physical SIM cards, which are small replaceable chips, eSIMs are built right into the electronics of the device.

Users may activate mobile phone services and move between several carriers or cell plans using eSIM technology without having to physically transfer SIM cards. Instead, clients may simply choose the carrier or plan they want from a menu of choices on their device and then electronically activate it.

key benefits of eSIM technology

Some the main advantages of eSIM technology are:

  1. Convenience: Users can easily switch carriers or add new mobile plans without the hassle of obtaining and inserting physical SIM cards.
  2. Space-Saving: Since eSIMs are integrate into the device, they save space and allow for sleeker device designs.
  3. International Roaming: Travelers can switch to local carriers when abroad, often resulting in more affordable international roaming rates.
  4. Remote Activation: Carriers can remotely activate eSIMs, making it convenient for users to set up new devices or change plans.
  5. Environmental Impact: eSIMs reduce the need for physical SIM cards, contributing to less plastic waste.

How to set up your iPhone 15’s eSIM in 2023?

In 2023, configuring your iPhone 15’s eSIM is a simple process. Your digital SIM card is now easy to activate and manage thanks to Apple. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet to get you going:

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Make sure your iPhone 15 is compatible with eSIM technology before continuing. The majority of more recent iPhones, including the iPhone 15, have eSIM capability. Your device’s settings will let you confirm this.

Step 2: Contact Your Carrier

Learn about eSIM activation with your cellphone provider. Make sure your carrier accepts eSIM and has plans that work with it. If they do, they will walk you through it and provide you the information you need.

Step 3: Get a QR Code or Activation Information

You’ll get either a QR code or activation details from your carrier. The configuration of your eSIM depends on these information. Keep it close at hand, please.

Step 4: Access the Settings

On your iPhone 15, open the “Settings” app from the home screen.

Step 5: Navigate to “Cellular”

Scroll down and tap on “Cellular.”

Step 6: Add Cellular Plan

Under the Cellular menu, select “Add Cellular Plan.” This option is where you’ll set up your eSIM.

Step 7: Scan the QR Code (If Available)

Use the camera on your iPhone to scan any QR codes that your carrier may have given you. The necessary information for your eSIM setup will be immediately input by doing this.

Step 8: Manually Enter Activation Details

If you have received activation data, such as an activation code or other details, choose “Enter Details Manually.” After that, enter the relevant information supplied by your carrier by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 9: Activate Your eSIM

Tap “Activate” or a comparable option on your screen when you’ve finished scanning the QR code or entering the activation information. To activate the eSIM, your iPhone will interact with your carrier’s network.

Step 10: Confirm Activation

Your carrier will notify you once the activation is successful. Complete the setup by following any extra on-screen instructions.

Step 11: Set Preferred Line (Dual SIM)

You may choose your favorite line for calls, messages, and data if your iPhone 15 is equip with dual SIM capabilities. This gives you the option to select a line for a variety of uses.

Step 12: Enjoy Your eSIM

You may start using your iPhone 15 with your new mobile plan as soon as your eSIM is active and configured. You won’t have to insert or remove a real SIM card to enjoy all of its advantages.

I have finished now! The eSIM on your iPhone 15 is now set up correctly for 2023. Enjoy the convenience of managing your providers and cell plans with ease from your device.


How long does it take to transfer my phone number to a new iPhone?

The amount of your backup and the speed of your internet connection both affect how long it takes to transfer your phone number. However, it often takes between a few minutes to an hour.

Can I transfer my phone number if I’m switching from Android to iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer your phone number from an Android device to an iPhone using Apple’s “Move to iOS” app. Follow the on-screen instructions during the iPhone setup process.

What if I encounter issues during the transfer?

Make sure your old and new iPhones have the most recent software upgrades if you experience any issues with the transfer procedure. Further, contact Apple Support for help if problems continue.

Will my text messages and call history be transferred too?

Yes, when you transfer your phone number using Apple’s method, your text messages, call history, and other important data will be transfer seamlessly.

Can I transfer my phone number without a backup?

Although making a backup is strongly advise for a seamless transfer, you may still move your phone number without one. However, the process can result in some data loss.

Is there a fee for transferring my phone number to a new iPhone?

Using Apple’s way to transfer your phone number to a new iPhone is normally free. However, get in touch with your mobile provider to find out whether any extra costs are involved.


When it comes to transferring your phone number to a new iPhone, it’s simple. You won’t miss a beat thanks to Apple’s simple procedure, which keeps your contacts and messages safe. In order to enjoy your new iPhone without any fuss, simply follow these instructions when you’re ready to make the transition.

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