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Technology continuously modifies our course as it relates to the rapidly changing world of automobile technology. The RideTech Shock Wave suspension system is one such development that has attracted a lot of interest and respect. Furthermore, this blog is your entire resource for understanding and enjoying the outstanding capabilities of RideTech Shockwaves if you are an automobile lover or someone wishing to improve the performance and comfort of your vehicle.

What is Ride Tech Shockwaves?

RideTech, a respected company that focuses on suspension systems and components for a wide range of cars, created and produced RideTech Shockwaves, commonly referred to as “Shockwaves,” as a type of advanced suspension technology.

Shockwaves are an attractive choice for car owners and anyone looking to improve their vehicle’s suspension since they are designed to offer an unparalleled combination of ride comfort, handling performance, and flexibility.

Key features and characteristics of RideTech Shockwaves

We will explain key features and characteristics of RideTech Shockwaves in the following blog:

  1. Adjustable Ride Height: One of the standout features of Shockwaves is their ability to adjust the ride height of a vehicle. This enables exact lowering or raising of your car, providing both greater performance and a customized appearance.
  2. Monotube Shock Absorbers: Shockwaves utilize monotube shock absorbers, which are known for their superior damping characteristics and ability to handle varying driving conditions effectively. These shocks are made to work smoothly and securely.
  3. RidePRO Digital Control System: The RidePRO digital control system is the control center for Shockwave-equipped vehicles. It provides quickly modification to fit various driving situations by allowing the driver to electrically modify the ride height and damping levels.
  4. Enhanced Handling and Control: Shockwaves are engineer to improve a vehicle’s handling and control. Shockwaves aim to deliver a pleasant and stable ride while you’re driving down a highway or handling tight turns on a racetrack.
  5. Application Versatility: RideTech Shockwaves are suitable for a wide range of vehicle types and applications, including classic cars, hot rods, off-road vehicles, and daily drivers. Many fans find them to be an adaptable choice due to their range of uses.
  6. Quality Materials and Durability: RideTech prioritizes the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and longevity of their suspension components. This dedication to excellence can be seen in the way Shockwaves was built.

The History of RideTech

Let’s carefully discuss the company’s background before entering into details of RideTech’s ground-breaking Shockwave suspension technology.

Bret Voelkel created RideTech, formerly known as Air Ride Technologies, in 1996. The business was found on a love of automobiles and a dedication to providing modern suspension solutions. RideTech has developed a reputation for pushing the limits of what is practical in the car suspension industry.

Understanding the Basics of Suspension

It’s crucial to understand the principles of suspension in order to appreciate the RideTech Shockwave to its best. The performance, dealing with, the comfort of your car are significantly influence by the suspension. A quick review of suspension parts, such as springs, shocks, and supports, will be given in this article.

What Sets RideTech Shockwaves Apart?

Let’s get to the point: what characterizes RideTech Shockwaves from other types of suspension systems?

1. Adjustable Ride Height

The Shockwave system’s changeable ride height is one of its biggest benefits. The Shockwave makes it simple to ride low and stylish or carry your car for off-road adventures.

2. Superior Ride Quality

RideTech Shockwaves are design to deliver an amazing ride experience that smoothly combines comfort and performance. While, you may improve the suspension using the adjustable lowering technology to your preferences, offering a comfortable ride on different types of road surfaces.

3. Improved Handling and Control

If you’re a fan of spirited driving or track days, the Shockwave suspension system will not disappoint. The enhanced handling and control it offers can transform your car into a true driver’s machine.

4. Easy Installation

Unlike some complex suspension systems, RideTech Shockwaves are design for relatively easy installation. This means you can enjoy the benefits of upgraded suspension without spending days in the garage.

The Technology Behind RideTech Shockwaves

Let’s take a deeper look at the technology behind RideTech Shockwaves so we can understand the engineering skill that goes into them.

1. Monotube Shock Absorbers

The monotube shock absorbers use by the Shockwave system are known for their outstanding performance and capacity for releasing heat. Moreover, these shocks are made to work continuously even under difficult driving situations.

2. RidePRO Digital Control System

The shockwave suspension is controll by the RidePRO electronic control system. With the press of a button, while it enables exact ride height and shock settings modifications for your car. Further, we will go into great depth about the advantages and features of this advanced control system.

3. Strong and Lightweight Components

To ensure the long-term reliability of their products, RideTech places a major focus on employing quality materials and production techniques. Besides, performance is improve by the lightweight and enduring nature of the shockwave components.

Applications and Benefits of RideTech Shockwaves

RideTech Shockwaves are excellent for a wide range of applications because to their adaptability. We will get into the particular advantages and application opportunities for different suspension systems in this blog:

1. Muscle Cars and Hot Rods

Learn how RideTech Shockwaves can breathe new life into classic muscle cars and hot rods, enhancing both their aesthetics and performance.

2. Off-Roading Adventures

Learn how Shockwaves’ changeable suspension height and damping settings may improve your adventure driving experience by giving you more control over challenging conditions.

3. Daily Driving

RideTech Shockwaves may significantly improve handling and ride ease of use, even if you only drive your car for daily commuting. Learn how they may improve your regular driving.

Real-World Experiences

We will provide experiences for car owners who are familiar with the transformation these suspension systems can bring to their cars, with the goal of showing the practical use of RideTech shockwaves.

Installation and Maintenance

Before starting the adventure of upgrading your car with RideTech Shockwaves it is important to understand the installation process and maintenance requirements. This section provides a detailed guide to setting up and maintaining the suspension system on your vehicle.

The Future of RideTech

As technology advances further, what future developments can we expect from RideTech? This blog will discuss the company’s mission and possible future developments.


In conclusion, the world of vehicle suspension has experienced a paradigm shift due to RideTech shockwaves. The world’s vehicle fans have fallen in love with them because of their performance, adjustability, and ride quality.

RideTech Shockwaves are a crucial choice to take into account whether you want to improve your adventuring experiences, update your everyday driving, or change your classic automobile.

RideTech is certain to keep pushing the limits of what is feasible in the field of suspension technology because of its dedication to quality and interest in creativity. Therefore, it might be time to take the plunge and enjoy the power of RideTech Shockwaves if you have the desire to feel the road like never before.

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